Car Rentals: Planning a Weekend Getaway

When I moved to the big city, buying a car seemed like a waste of money. The subway takes me anywhere I want to go, and there are always cabs as a backup. When I do want to get out of the city for a weekend, I arrange for a car rental. Rentals are great for me. I get to choose the type of vehicle that I want, buy insurance to cover the trip, and concentrate on enjoying myself. If the car develops engine trouble, I call the agency and they pick me up in a replacement. Thanks to my club discounts, I even get price breaks on some of my rentals. If you are new to the idea of renting a car, let me help. I'll show you how to get the best terms, including the lowest price. That'll make for a more pleasant trip.

Is Your Car Problem A Quick, But Professional Fix?


Aside from cost, one of the biggest reasons that people avoid mechanic shops is the wait time. Any kind of appointment can be a drag, but it's understandable that you may not want to give up your transportation for an extended period of time, especially since its tied to deeply to independence in the US. Thankfully, many repairs are quick, professional, and long-lasting fixes that can get you back on the road. Consider a few quick turn service options to keep your vehicle in great shape without wasting too much of your free time.

Fluid Changes

Oil, transmission fluid, fuel line, and wiper fluid are just a few of the fluids that need to be checked and refilled at least yearly, but you need to keep a few facts in mind before heading into any service center.

Every vehicle is different, and certain makes and models require more effort when it comes to changing fluids. In some vehicles, changing the transmission fluid is a straightforward draining, cleaning, and refilling process that requires a simple car lift that many mechanic shops can provide.

There are a few vehicles that can be a pain to refill, no matter how professional the team. These vehicles may require removing a water pump or a tire to gain access to a specific port, simply because the manufacturers for that make, model, and year had something strange in mind. 

The 1996 (and a few other years) Honda Civic is one such strange vehicle. An oil change requires removing the front driver-side tire to get to the oil pan's bolt. You can't easily see the bolt in some years of the Civic, so a skilled mechanic needs to be able to feel the right part to work on.

This is why appointments are important. The best scenario is that a customer calls in with a make, model, year, and service request, which gives mechanics time to look up the issue and approach strange techniques with information beforehand. It doesn't matter if you're working with a rookie or a seasoned veteran; the fewer surprises, the happier everyone is.

Tire Changes And Rim Inspection

Do you have a flat tire? That's usually a quick fix at many service shops.

If you get multiple flat tires, that's a bigger issue that requires an inspection. Thankfully, quick service professionals can handle that as well.

Whether the issue is nails, screws, or other sharp/pointed hardware from construction sites or a dented rim that causes a slow leak, just let a mechanic know that you've had repeated tire issues so that they can perform a more thorough review.

While your tire is being changed, someone else can handle the inspection. If you'd prefer that the same mechanic work on the entire process or if no one else is available, just be prepared to spend a little extra time to get the answer. If the problem is just a lot of screws or other damaging items, they can send you on your way and give you advice later while pointing out any areas where you should take pictures or video for evidence.

If it's the rim, that's just a little more time than replacing the tire as long as you desired rim type is available. Contact a quick turn service professional to schedule a quick, in and out repair.


24 July 2017